A large number of Edward Shenton's illustrations were for juvenile books popular in the 1930's and 1940's. Many of these were adventure stories of young boys.

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"They watched, too afraid to laugh as Joey landed in the middle of the manure pile... they were next."

Northern Wildcats, Clyde Brion Davis, 1938

"The two brothers froze in terror and huddled together as the ghostly noise came again from the midst of the graveyard."

Northern Wildcats, Clyde Brion Davis, 1938

"He fought with every physical aid at his command. The two boys squared off at each other and a circle of spectators grew up around them to take sides and to shout encouragement... it was called 'fist and skull' fighting."

Simon Kenton, Kentucky Scout  Thomas D. Clark, 1943

"As a boy I was saddened that I hadn't been born an Indian...I would have lived a life remote from school books and dull routine. That summer I wore a chicken-feather headress trailed down my back, flapping in the breeze."

Dune Boy by Edwin Way Teale, 1943

"The medicine man pointed with unbelief to the knife, as if by some magic, it was suspended from the magnet hidden in his palm."

Mayflower Boy by Stanley Young, 1944

" 'Steady girl, Randy murmured, as he passed her. Hold it. Don't move.' He raised a club, then the snake started to sligher away into a rock crevice. With a bound, Randy brought his heavy stick down across the dark, scaly back."

Long Trains Roll by Steven Meader, 1944

" 'You ought to start havin' this boy's hair cut the regular way, mam,' the barber said testily. Mady insisted on his hair in a bang even though one of the boys at school teased him yesterday. There was nothing he could do about it. Freshly shorn, his hand in his mother's, they walked out of the shop."

Color of the Country by Barbara Webster, 1947

"His mother came out on the porch and called, 'T! lunch is ready dear.' T didn't answer. It was a game he played. After a while she grew tired of calling and went in. T peered cautiously over the tree house platform, then climbed down the ladder."

Color of the Country by Barbara Webster, 1947

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