Edward Shenton was born at a time when memories of the wild west were still in people's minds and where the west was still wild. Tribes of native Americans had recently roamed the plains of the contiunent. Boys were fascinated by the lives of the "savages" and were eager to read books about them and see images of their primitive lives. Here are some of his illustrations of Indians of the West and the books in which they appeared.

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"Simon ran fast. Blows fell on him from all sides...just before he reached the point where he had seen the knife, he plunged through the line and headed for the council house in a wild dash".

from Simon Kenton, Kentucky Scout by Thomas D. Clark, 1943
"Simon 'clubed' his rifle and brained the Indian. Then he gathered the wounded man up in his arms and ran inside the gate house."

from Simon Kenton, Kentucky Scout by Thomas D. Clark, 1943

The young brave, Hiawatha, stood upright and bold in his canoe as he watched the eagle land on a nearby rock.

Hiawatha by Henry Wadsforth Longfellow, (Best in Children's Book series) 1958

"The band of renegade Indians rode their horses around the open door of the hay barn.  One by one each tossed a flaming pine knot onto the dry hay and dashed into the night."

Lightning, a Cowboy's Colt by William A. Martin, 1948

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