Shenton served with the 103rd Engineers in the trenches in France during World War I where he drew the men and the battles. He continued his interest in military scenes of World War II: planes, tanks and ships.

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Home was Never Like This
"Maybe the Engineers did win thu war...I say Maybe."
Taking a Bath for July
Engineers in the Front Line,
St. Agnan, July 16-17, 1918
"Ask anyone, they'll tell you..."
"Out of it!" Boid de Rougis" July 17, 1918
"Don't ask me. My job was carryin' 'em out."
Wounded and Exhausted. Men waiting for cover of Darkness to be Taken fron Trench
St. Aqnan, July 16, 1918
"Yes indeed...we aviators did...nothing without us...eyes of the service."
Battle of the Wilderness, 1864
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Soldiers in the Mud