A Bibliography

Books and Illustrations
Edward Shenton (1895-1977)

Originally prepared for a memorial exhibit at
Chester County Art Association
October 1979 (revised October 2004)

I. Books written by Edward Shenton in chronological order

The Gray Beginning. Penn Publishing, Philadelphia, 1924

Lean Twilight. C.Scribner's, N.Y., 1928

Riders of the Wind. Macrae Smith, Philadelphia, 1929

Couriers of the Clouds; The Romance of Air Mail. Macrae Smith, Philadelphia,
1930; revised and enlarged edition, 1937

The New Alphabet of Aviation. Macrae Smith, Philadelphia, 1941

O Novo ABC da aviacao. Edicoes Melhoramentos, Sao Paulo, 1942

On Wings for Freedom. Macrae Smith Philadelphia, 1943

An Alphabet of the Army. Macrae Smith, Philadelphia, 1943

The Rib and Adam. Lippincott, Philadelphia, 1959; also Hammond, London, 1960

This Mortal Moment. Dorrance, Philadelphia, 1961

150 Years of a Bank and People. National Bank of Chester County Trust Co., West Chester, PA., 1964

II. Books written by others and illustrated (or decorated) by
Edward Shenton in chronological order

Brothers Grimm, The Golden Bird and Other Stories, , George
Jacobs, Phila,Pa.
Hans Christian Anderson, Maid Marian and Other Stories. George W. Jacobs Co.
Philadelphia, 1923

Grace Humphrey, The Story of the Marys. Penn Publishing, Philadelphia,. 1923; 1927 and 1928.

Roy Addison Helton, Early Adventures of Peacham Grew. Penn Publishing, Philadelphia, Pa.,1925

Elizabeth (Fleming)Shackleton , Touring Through France. Penn Publishing Philadelphia, 1925

Paul Jones, An Alphabet of Aviation. Macrae Smith, Philadelphia, 1928; also 1934

Rupert Sargent Holland, Rescue. Macrae Smith, Philadelphia, 1932

F. Scott Fitzgerald, Tender Is The Night, A Romance. C. Scribner's, N.Y., 1934

Una Jerffers, Where Shall I Take You To? C.Scribner's, New York, 1934

Rupert Sargent Holland, Big Bridge. Macrae Smith, Philadelphia, 1934; also 1938

Ernest Hemingway, Green Hills of Africa. C. Scribner's N.Y., 1935; also 1953

Desmond Holdridge, Escape to the Tropics. Harcourt, Brace, N.Y., 1937

Desmond Holdridge, The Witch in the Wilderness. Harcourt, Brace. N.Y., 1937

Stoyan Christowe, This Is My Country: An Autobiography. Carrick & Evans, N.Y1938

Clyde Brion Davis, Northend Wildcats. Farrar & Rinehart, N.Y., 1938

William Faulkner, The Unvanquished. Random House, N.Y., 1938; also Vintage Books, N.Y., 1966; Chatto, London, 1967, 1977

Della Lutes, Millbrook. Little Brown Co., Boston, 1938

Stephen W. Meader, T-model Tommy. Harcourt, Brace, N.Y., 1938; also 1940, 1966

Marjorie K. Rawlings, The Yearling. C. Scribner's N.Y., 1938; also C. Scribner's Grosset & Dunlop, or F. Watts, all N.Y., 1938 1940, 1941, 1944, 1945, 1947, 1952, 1962; also large-type edition, complete and unabridged, F. Watts, N.Y., 1966

Smith Burnham, Lewis and Clark, Explorers of the Far West. J. C. Winston Co., N. Y, 1938

Clyde Brion Davis, Nebraska Coast. Farrar & Rinehart, N.Y., 1939

Clifford Dowdey, Gamble's Hundred. Little Brown, Boston, 1939

Desmond Holdridge, Northern Lights. Viking, N.Y., 1939

Vance Hoyt, Song Dog, The Story of a Coyote. Winston, N.Y., 1939

Thomas Dixon, The Flaming Sword, Monarch, Atlanta, Ga. 1939

Stephen W. Meader, Bat, The Story of a Bull Terrier. Harcourt, Brace, N.Y., 1939; also Grosset & Dunlop, N.Y., 1961

Stephen W. Meader, Boy with a Pack. Harcourt, Brace, N.Y., 1939

Blair Niles, The James. Farrar & Rinehart, N.Y., 1939 (Rivers of America series)

Donald Culross Peattie, A Gathering of Birds: An Antholgy of the Best Ornithological Prose. Dodd, Mead, N.Y., 1939

Thomas Wolfe, The Face of a Nation; Poetical Passages from the Writings of Thomas Wolfe. C. Scribner's, N.Y., 1939

Maristan Chapman (pseudo.) Mill Creek Mystery. D. Appleton-Century, N.Y., 1940

Ernest Horn et al., Following New Trails. Ginn and Co., Boston, 1940 (Progess in Reading series)

Ruth Sawyer, The Year of Jubilo. Viking, N.Y., 1940

Robert H. Newman, Far From Home. J. P. Lippincott, Philadelphia, PA. 1941

Thomas Wolfe, A Stone, A Leaf, A Door. C. Scribner's, N. Y. 1941

Maristan Chapman (pseudo.) Mountain Mystery. D. Appleton-Century, N.Y., 1941

Kenneth Hanley ( Ed) Gold Rush by Sea, Journal of Garrett W. Low, Univ Penn Press, Philadelphia 1941

Stephen W. Meader, Blueberry Mountain. Harcourt, Brace, N.Y., 1941

Lauriet Erskine, Renfrew Flies Again. Grossett and Dunlap, N.Y. 1942

Helen Griscom (Bell) Hole, Westtown Through the Years, 1799-1942. Westtown Alumni Association, Westtown, PA., 1942

Stephen W. Meader, The Black Buccaneer. Harcourt, Brace, N.Y., 1942; also 1928

Stephen W. Meader, Shadow in the Pines. Harcourt, Brace, N.Y., 1942

Edd Winfield Parks, Long Hunter. Farrar & Rinehart, N.Y., 1942

Marjorie K. Rawlings, Cross Creek. C. Scribner's, N.Y., 1942; also W. Heinemann Ltd., London, 1943; Scribner's, N.Y., 1961; Time, Inc., N.Y., 1966

William E. Wilson, Shooting Star: The Story of Tecumseh. Farrar & Rinehart, N.Y., 1942

Thomas D. Clark, Simon Kenton, Kentucky Scout. Farrar & Rinehart, N.Y., 1943

Meindert De Jong, The Little Stray Dog. Harper, N.Y., 1943

Stephen W. Meader, The Sea Snake. Harcourt, Brace, N.Y., 1943

Sam Mims, Chennault of the Flying Tigers. Macrae Smith, Philadelphia, 1943

Edwin Way Teale, Dune Boy; The Early Years of a Naturalist. Dodd Mead, N.Y., 1943; also 1957

Judy van der Veer, A Few Happy Ones. D. Appleton-Century, N.Y., 1943

Katherine Bakeless, Glory Hallelujah, The Story of the Battle Hymn of the Republic, J.B. Lippincott, Philadelphia 1944

Maribelle Cormack, Road to Down Under. D. Appleton-Century. N.Y., 1944

Lavinia R. Davis, Spinney and Spike and the B-29. C. Scribner's, N.Y., 1944

Nicolas Kalashnikoff, Jumper, The Life of a Siberian Horse. C. Scribner's, N.Y., 1944; also 1945

Stanley Young, Mayflower Boy. Farrar & Rinehart, N.Y., 1944

Stephen W. Meader, The Black Buccaneer. Harcourt, Brace, N.Y., 1944, 1948, 1951.

Stephen W. Meader, The Long Trains Roll. Harcourt, Brace, N.Y., 1944

Archie Binns, The Timber Beast. C. Scribner's N. Y. 1944.

Blair Niles, The James, from Iron Gate to the Sea. Farrar & Rinehart, N.Y., 1945 (a revised and enlarged edition of Niles' The James)

Martha Keller, Brady's Bend, and Other Ballads. Rutgers University Press, New Brunswick, N.J., 1946

Stephen W. Meader, Jonathan Goes West. Harcourt, Brace, N.Y., 1946

Stephen W. Meader, Down the Big River. Harcourt Brace, N.Y. 1946 (1928)

Honore (McCue) Willsie Morrow, On To Oregon! W. Morrow, N.Y., 1946

Stephen W. Meader, Longshanks. Harcourt, Brace, N.Y., 1946 (1928)

Stephen W. Meader, Behind the Ranges. Harcourt, Brace, N.Y., 1947

Ethel Orr, E.T. Holsten, C.C. Colter, Reading Today, C. Scribner's N.Y.,1947

Barbara Webster, The Color of the Country. C. Scribner's, N.Y., 1947

John Bakeless, Fighting Frontiersman; The Life of Daniel Boone. W. Morrow, N.Y., 1948

William Martin & Bernard, Lightning, a Cowboy's Colt, The Tell Well Press, 1948

Stephen W. Meader, River of the Wolves. Harcourt, Brace, N.Y., 1948

Gladys Taber, The Book of Stillmeadow. Macrae Smith, Philadelphia, 1948

Richard E. Banta, The Ohio. Rinehart, N.Y., 1949 (Rivers of America series)

Jeanette Eaton, Buckey O'Neil of Arizona. W. Morrow, N.Y., 1949

Leon Dean, The Royalton Raid. Rinehart, N.Y., 1949

Richard Johnson, St. George & the Dragon. Retold by William H. G. Kingston. Limited Editions Club, N.Y., 1949

Stephen W. Meader, Whaler Round the Horn. Harcourt, Brace, N.Y., 1950

Ralph Moody, Little Britches; Father and I Were Ranchers. Norton, N.Y., 1950; also Davies, London, 1951

Gladys Taber, Stillmeadow Seasons. Macrae Smith, Philadelphia, 1950

Eleanor Jewett, Charlemagne. Real People, Row Peterson, Evanston Il. 1951, also , Cal State Series, Sacramento, CA., 1956

Jo Evalin Lundy, Seek the Dark Gold. A Story of the Scots Fur Traders. Winston, Philadelphia, 1951

Ralph Moody, Bleib in sattel; Vater und ich waren Siedler im wilden Westen. Schweizer Spiegel Veriag, Zurich, 1951

Ethel Orr, E.M. Reed, J. Franseth, Stories Old and New.,C. Scribner's , N.Y, 1951.

Ralph Moody, Man of the Family. Norton, N.Y., 1951; also P. Davies, London, 1952

Barabara Webster, A Horse of Her Own. Longmans, N.Y.., 1951

Elisa Bialk, Jill's Victory. World, Cleveland, 1952

Elizabeth Jane Coatsworth, The Last Fort; A Story of the French Voyageurs. Winston, Philadelphia, 1952

Nathaniel Hawthorne, A Wonder Book. Macrae-Smith Co. No date.

Almet Jenks, The Huntsman at the Gate. Lippincott, Philadelphia, 1952

Stephen W. Meader, The Fish Hawk's Nest. Harcourt, Brace, N.Y., 1952

Jo Evalin Lundy, The Scotts Fur Traders. Hammish Hamilton, London, 1952

Elisa Bialk, The Colt of Cripple Creek. World, Cleveland, 1953

Marjory Douglas, Freedom River: Florida, 1845. C. Scribner's, N.Y., 1953

Elizabeth Crosgrove Ladd, Enchanted Island. Morrow, N.Y., 1953

Ralph Moody, Mary Emma & Co. W. W. Norton, N. Y. 1953

Ralph Moody, The Fields of Home. Norton, N.Y., 1953

Ralph Moody, Little Britches: Man of the Family. Abridged edition. Harcourt, Brace, N.Y., 1953

Gladys Taber and Barbara Webster, Stillmeadow and Sugarbridge. Lippincott, Philadelphia, 1953

Desmond Holdridge, Arctic Lights, Robert Hale, No date

Dale Norman,
The Secret Motor Car. Harper & Brothers, 1954

Page Cooper, Thunder. World, Cleveland, 1954

William Faulkner, Big Woods. Random House, N.Y., 1955

Honore Morrow, The Splendid Journey. William Heineman, London, 1955

Gladys Taber, Stillmeadow Daybook. Lippincott, Philadelphia, 1955

Henrietta S. Jacquette, South After Gettysburg, Letters of Cornelia Hancock, 1863-68
T.Y. Crowell, 1956

Ralph Moody, The Home Ranch. Norton, N.Y., 1956

Barbara Webster, The Green Year. Norton, N.Y., 1956; also 1957

Samuel Hopkins Adams, General Brock and Niagara Falls. Random House, N.Y., 1957

James A. Kjelgaard, Swamp Cat. Dodd, Mead, N.Y., 1957

Gladys Taber, Mrs Daffodil, J.B.Lippincott, Philadelphia , 1957

Jean Lee Latham, On Stage, Mr. Jefferson! Harper, N.Y., 1958

Daniel Defoe, et.al. Robinson Crusoe (Best Children's Book Series). Nelson Doubleday, N. Y. 1958

Henry Wadsworth Longfellow, Hiawatha. Nelson-Doubleday, N.Y., 1958 (Best in
Children's Books series)

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Cottie Arthur Burland, Finding Out About the Incas. Lothrop, Lee and Shepherd,
N.Y., 1962

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Jane S. McIlvaine, Cammie's Cousin. Bobbs-Merrill, Indianapolis, 1963

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Edwin Augustus Peeples, Blue Boy. Houghton Mifflin, Boston, 1964

Wyatt Blassingame, Sacagawea, Indian Guide. Garrard, Champaign, Ill., 1965

Jane Lewis Carter, On a Theban Hill. Gradyville, PA., 1965

Barbara Webster, Creatures and Contentments; Ruminations on Living in the Country. Norton, N.Y., 1965

Elizabeth R. Montgomery. World Explorers: Lewis and Clark, Garrard, Champaign, Ill., 1966

Florence L. Sanville, The Opening Door. Franklin, Philadelphia, 1967

Ralph Moody, Horse of a Different Color, W.W.Norton, N.Y. 1968

Structure of Education in Amerian Democracy, NEA of D. C. 1969.

Honore Morrow, The Splendid Journey, Knight Books, London, 1971

Maine Maritime Academy, Marine Renewable Resources Forum, Oct. 1973

Gladys Taber, My Own Cape Cod, J.B. Lippincott, Philadelphia,Pa.. 1976

Jane Levis Carter, Edgmont: The Story of a Township, KNA Press, Kennett Square, PA.,1976

Gladys Taber, The Best of Stillmeadow. J.B. Lippincott, Philadelphia, 1976

III. Stories and Articles written by Edward Shenton in Magazines in chronological order

Above the Lights of the City, The Western, (October 1912)

Fearnly's Last Race, The Western (Official organ of West Philadelphia High School ), 3 (May 1915)

Careers, The Western, 4 (January 1916)

The Golden Calf, Scribner's Magazine, 78 (November 1925), 517-525

All the Boats to Build! Scribner's Magazine, 80 (November 1926), 545-554

Canciones Mexincanas, Scribner's Magazine, 81 (May 1927), 457-465

Pretty Boy, Colliers, 81 (May 26, 1928), 10-11

Plenty of Seconds, Colliers, 82 (July 7, 1928), 20-21, 32, 34

Cote d'Emeraude, Scribner's Magazine, 84 (September 1928), 271-277

Seasons End, Scribner's Magazine, 84 (November 1928), 586-591

The Infantry Wanted a Bridge, Scribner's Magazine, 85 (February 1929), 131-135 (World War I Incident)

The Girl Who Won the War, Scribner's Magazine, 87 (January 1930), 51-59

One More Fight, Colliers, 85 (April 19, 1930), 24-25, 79-80

Fighters Should Fight, Colliers, 87 (January 10, 1931), 16-17, 36, 38

Call It a Day, Scribner's Magazine, 90 (August 1931), 182-193, 225-232

In His Heart, Colliers, 89 (April 30, 1932), 12-13, 42

A Message to a Lady, Colliers, 92 (July 8, 1933) 20-21, 36

The Hard Guy, Colliers, 93 (June 30, 1934), 7-9, 50-51

When Spring Brings Back..., Scribner's Magazine, 97 (February 1935), 111-113

Above the Fog, Colliers, 95 (March 2, 1935), 14-15, 30

And with the Glory, Colliers, 96 (July 20, 1935), 24

Bright Adventure, Colliers, 97 (February 29, 1936), 14-16, 55

Gentleman Rider, Colliers, 97 (April 25, 1936), 9, 50, 52, 54

The Delicate Tess, Colliers, 98 (August 8, 1936), 18-20, 28

Perfect Hostess, Colliers, 98 (August 15, 1936), 17-18, 38

Open, Please, Colliers, 99 (January 16, 1937), 11

A Ring Engagement, Woman's Home Companion, 64 (March 1937), 9-10, 130-132

Rabbits Always Circle, Colliers, 100 (October 16, 1937, 21-22, 55, 57

Take a Chance, Colliers, 100 (November 20, 1937), 42, 62-64

The Admiral's Fox, Saturday Evening Post, 210 (February 26, 1938), 18-19, 79-80, 8283

Beyond the Game, Colliers, 108 (December 6, 1941), 11-12, 38-40, 42

Time Holds the Secret, Saturday Evening Post, 214 (May 16, 1942), 12-13, 85-89

Maybe That Stuff's Worth Money ! Saturday Evening Post, 223 (February 24, 1951), 30, 141-142 (Baldwin's Book Barn, West Chester)

The Elusive Male, Saturday Evening Post, 223 (May 12, 1951), 28, 124-125, 127-128, 130

The Son He'd Never Met, Saturday Evening Post, 224 (October 13, 1951), 30, 106-107, 109-110,115

The Happy Storekeeper of the Green Mountains, Saturday Evening Post, 224 (March 15, 1952), 26-27, 77, 80, 84, 89

Last Race, Saturday Evening Post, 224 (May 10, 1952), 28, 92-93, 95-96

Martha Tucker's Day of Trial, Saturday Evening Post, 224 (June 14, 19520,28,91-92, 95,97

They Will Never Be Forgotten, Saturday Evening Post, 227 (August 14, 1954), 36-37, 59 (World War II cemeteries overseas)

My Dog Is a Gold Mine, Saturday Evening Post, 227 (January 29, 1955), 25, 86-87

Lady with a Pedigree, Saturday Evening Post, 227 (February 26, 1955), 20-21,110, 112113

Misfit Fiancee, American Magazine, 160 (July 1955), 112-117

Stamp Act, Atlantic, 201 (March 1958), 107 (on trading stamps)

Art Scholarships to Europe, Pennsylvania Traveler, June 1959, 56-57

Think Twice, Saturday Evening Post, 235 (February 17, 1962), 38-39, 42-43

IV. Poems in Magazines--in chronological order

Class Poem, The Western, 4 (January 1916)

Small-game Season, New Yorker, 24 (November 6, 1948), 99

Season's End, Ladies Home Journal, 66 (September 1949), 113

To a Seeing-eye Dog, New Yorker, 25 (October 15, 1949), 53

Spring Returning, Saturday urday Evening Post, 223 (March 31, 1951), 48

Arithmetic, Saturday Evening Post, 223 (April 14, 1951), 166

Heil, Izaak ! Saturday Evening Post, 223 (May 12, 1951), 169

May 30th, Saturday Evening Post, 223 (June 2, 1951), 93

Maine Morning, Saturday Evening Post, 223 (June 30, 1951), 114

Mouse in Trap, Saturday Evening Post, 224 (July 21, 1951), 44

Dark Adversary, Saturday Evening Post, 224 (September 1, 1951), 93

Autumn Again, Saturday Evening Post, 224 (September 22, 1951), 162

November, Saturday Evening Post, 224 (November 17, 1951), 162

Walls, Saturday Evening Post, 224 (December 1, 1951), 140

Old Cat, Saturday Evening Post, 224 (January 19, 1952), 86

Artisans, Saturday Evening Post, 224 (February 9, 1952), 83

Great Dane's Gift, Saturday Evening Post, 224 (March 8, 1952), 47

Garden, Saturday Evening Post, 224 (April 19, 1952), 109

May Dance, Ladies Home Journal, 69 (May 1952), 133

Boats, Saturday Evening Post, 224 (May 10, 1952), 61

Fantasy, Saturday Evening Post, 224 (June 7, 1952), 121

Summer Symphony, Saturday Evening Post, 224 (June 21, 1952), 92

Country Sickbed, Saturday Evening Post, 225 (November 8, 1952), 135

Sea Song, Saturday Evening Post, 225 (November 22, 1952), 156

Coming Home, Saturday Evening Post, 225 (December 27, 1952), 41

Quest, Saturday Evening Post, 225 (June 20, 1953), 132

Song for Evening, Saturday Evening Post, 226 (March 6, 1954), 60

Delirium in March, Saturday Evening Post, 226 (March 20, 1954), 114

Small-boat Song, Saturday Evening Post, 226 (June 5, 1954), 52

Cat, Saturday Review, 37 (July 24, 1954), 32

Hulks, Saturday Evening Post, 227 (March 12, 1955), 137

Wandering Dane, Saturday Evening Post, 230 (May 31, 1958), 79

The Passing of Time, Saturday Evening Post, 232 (September 12, 1959), 71

Twilight Song, Saturday Evening Post, 232 (March 12, 1960), 55

Watching Water, Saturday Evening Post, 233 (August 27, 1960), 83

Trick or Treat, Ranger Rick's Nature Magazine, October 1970, 22

Mole Run, Ranger Rick's Nature Magazine, January 1971

V. Magazines Illustrated by Edward Shenton

Thomas Wolfe, Death the Proud Brother, Scribner's Magazine, June 1933

Thomas Wolfe,
No Door, Scribner's Magazine, July 1933

Thomas Wolfe,
A Portrait of Bascom Hawke. Scribner's Magazine, July 1933.

William Faulkner,
The Brooch. Scribner's Magazine, January 1936.

Robert Murphy, Gone Away, Saturday Evening Post, 211, no16, (Oct 15, 1938)

Will Durant,
Crisis in Christianity. Saturday Evening Post, August 5, 1939.

William Faulkner,
The Bear. Saturday Evening Post, May 9, 1942.

Kemp Tolley,
The Strange Assignment of USS Lanikai. Proceedings of the U. S. Naval Institute, 1962

James H. Johnson,
The Pacific Coast Tuna Fleet, Proceedings of the U. S. Naval Institute, June 1964.

Francis Poole,
The Longest Minutes. Skipper Magazine, No date.

Andre Norton and D. Madlee, Star-Kaat, Weekly Reader, 1976

VI. Book Jackets Illustrated by Edward Shenton

Alan Villiers, Grain Race, C. Scribner's &Sons, N.Y. 1933

Peter Fleming, Brazilian Adventure. C. Scribner;s &Sons, N. Y. 1934

Robert Biffault, Europa. the Days of Ignorance, C. Scribner's &Sons, N.Y. 1935

Martin Johnson, Over African Jungles, Harcourt Brace, N.Y., 1935

Felix Risesberg,
Under Sail, Harcourt Brace, N. Y. 1935

Peter Fleming, News from Tartary, A journey from Peking to Kasmir, C. Scribner's & Sons, N.Y. 1936

David Lamson,
Whirlpool, C. Scribner's & Sons, 1937.

William Beebe,
Zaca Adventure, Harcourt Brace, N. Y. 1938.

Archie Bins,
Mighty Mountains, C. Scribner's & Sons, 1940.

Barbara Webster,
Shadows in the Valley, C. Scribner's & Sons, 1940.

Barbara Webster,
Magic Waters, C. Scribner's & Sons, 1942.

Alan Patton,
Cry the Beloved Country, C. Scribner's & Sons, 1948.

Barbara Webster, A Horse of Her Own, Longman's Green & Co. 1951

Felix Riesenberg, Balboa, Swordsman and Conquistadore, Random House, N. Y. 1956.

VII. Biographical Information About Edward Shenton

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VIII Miscellaneous

The Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts, Catalogue of the One Hundred and Fifty-first Annual Exhibition of Painting and Sculpture. January 22 through February 26. 1956. Philadelphia, 1956

Hari McDonald, `Builders of America; Washington, Lincoln. Text by Edward Shenton. Cantata for Mixed Voices. Elkan-Vogel, Philadelphia, 1953. Columbia ML 2220

Edward Shenton, O. Restless Race ! Music by Esther Mary Fuller. West Chester State College, West Chester, PA., 1961

A Bibliography of Barbara (Heriot) Webster (Shenton)

I. Books in chronological order

Nic Nac Nob and Nibble. Macrae Smith, Philadelphia, 1930

Shadows on the Valley. C. Scribner's, N.Y., 1940

The Magic Water. Scribner, N.Y., 1942; also Rich & Cowan, London, 1942

Mrs. Heriot's House. C. Scribner's, N.Y., 1945

The Color of the Country_. Drawings by Edward Shenton. C. Scribner's, N.Y., 1947

A Horse of Her Own. Longmans, N.Y.., 1951

(with Gladys Taber) Stillmeadow and Sugarbridge. Illustrated by Edward Shenton. Lippincott, Philadelphia, 1953

The Green Year. Drawings by Edward Shenton. Norton, N.Y., 1956; also 1957

Country Matters, An Anthology. Drawings by Edward Shenton. Lippincott, Philadelphia, 1959

Creatures and Contentments: Ruminations on Living in the Country. Illustrated by Edward Shenton. Norton, N.Y., 1965

II. Stories in Magazines in chronological order

The Old Dragon,Scribner's Magazine, 95 (June 1934), 417-420

Fountain of Youth, Scribner's Magazine, 96 (November 1934), 284-288

We Are Alone, Scribner's Magazine, zine, 97 (May 1935), 285-286

The Old Gods, Scribner's Magazine, 98 (September 1935), 174-175

Tales from Hollywood, Ladies Home Journal, 54 (July 1937), 21-22

Star Nose the Mole, Ranger Rick's Nature Magazine, January 1968

III. Biographical Information about Barbara Webster

Edward Shenton, Barbara Webster, Chester County Artist, III (September 1954)


For their help in preparing this Bibliography, the author is grateful to Priscilla Crowell and the Library Committee of the Chester County Art Association; Neil Carlson, Chester County Library System; Faye Trembley, West Chester Public Library; Elizabeth E. Roth, Keeper of Prints, New York Public Library; the Bangor (Maine) Public Library; and the Library of the Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts. This was originally prepared by Robert E. Carlson, West Chester State College.

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